Morton's neuroma (metatarsalgia) of foot

Morton's neuroma is a painful condition that occurs at the ball of the foot, typically between the third and fourth or the second and third toes. 

Symptoms include pain on weight bearing such as prolonged standing, walking or running.  Symptoms can also include numbness between the toes or the feeling of having a pebble in your shoe.

Traditional treatment includes medications, injections, orthotic arch supports, padding between the toes and surgery.  This is not always effective and often does not affect the root cause. 

Active Release Techniques is unique in that treatment is designed to find the specific tissues that are injured in the foot and work them back to their normal texture, tension and length by using various hand positions and movement methods. 

In the case of Morton's neuroma, injured and restricted muscles between the toes can create pain and entrap the digital nerve causing tingling.  With ART, the restricted muscles and soft tissues of the foot are treated along with other muscles further up the ankle and leg that affect normal movement patterns and biomechanics.  When these structures are effectively treated, pain is relieved, entrapped nerves are released, and normal foot function and biomechanics can be restored.

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