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Dr. Mark Rawlings
Your San Diego Chiropractor

"Finding relief for severe muscle tightness in my legs and back and painful spasms in my adductor muscles, was my primary reason for going to Dr. Rawlings--a chiropractor like no other. Following many visits to orthopedic doctors and physical therapy sessions with no relief and eventually needing to walk with a cane, I turned to Dr. Rawlings never having gone to a chiropractor before. He listens to where my pain is, locates the tight muscle and uses (ART) Active Release Technique to manipulate the muscle(s) so that they are free to work as they are meant to do. Before Dr. Rawlings' skillful use of ART on my calves, hamstrings, quads, ankles and lower back, my knees were doing the work of restricted muscles. I am a fervent proponent of ART for turning painful, overworked  muscles into useful, productive muscles that can be made to work effectively again. Dr. Rawlings has been working with me for over 5 years so that I am able to walk without the cane, can climb stairs and am looking to play some tennis in the near future. I am confident that I can work my muscles knowing that a flare-up is an issue I can call Dr. Rawlings about.
Dr. Rawlings has been patient working to release muscles in my lower body including those between my toes as a result of Morton's neuroma. I am a believer in Dr. Mark Rawlings' skill as a chiropractor and in his effective use of Active Release Technique.
When I have muscle pain--no matter where the pain--my only call is to Dr. Rawlings.
Once, during a head cold with some feeling of vertigo, I mentioned it to him and with a quick neck adjustment, the sensation of vertigo went away and has not returned. Medications I had been given by my M.D. had made the condition worse. If you are looking for individualized, personalized care, contact Dr. Mark Rawlings as I did."

"I've been suffering with lower back pain since 1974 and was dependent on pain killer drugs periodically. How relieving it has been since Dr. Rawlings provided me with hands-on physical massage with his own soothing and caring hands.  Since he has treated me, I have stopped taking my  medications. I feel so gracious and grateful for Dr. Rawling meticulousness and puncticlious treatment to making me feel better, which improved my quality of life. By virtue of Dr. Rawlings professional competence and concern, I strongly recommend him to others. I could not live my life comfortably if it was not for Dr. Rawlings treatment. His treatment plans, has improve my health so that I can enjoy my grandchildren.  Thank you Dr. Rawlings for helping enjoy my "golden years". May the Almighty continue to guide your meticulous hands to heal others."

"Before I started my treatments with Dr. Mark Rawlings, I had back spasms on a regular basis.  The Active Release Techniques that he uses gets to the root of my problem.  Now my back pain is very limited. I also use to have shoulder pain in which a medical doctor advised that I would most likely need surgery. I could barely lift my arm over my shoulder.  I never had the surgery, and can now fully extend my arm over my head without pain.  Dr. Rawlings also treats me for plantar fascitis, tennis elbow, and neck pain.  All on the road to recovery without surgery or popping pills.  I am also being treated for a chronic illness where the spine fuses together.  It's called ankylosing spondylitis!  I can't imagine how stiff and how much pain I would be in if I were not being treated by Dr. Rawlings.  His expertise in Active Release Techniques and Chiropractic care is a remedy that I would highly recommend.  I continue to visit on a regular basis."

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