Shoulder Pain, Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Impingement or pinching of the rotator cuff muscles between the head of the humerus and the overlying shoulder bone (acromion) is the most common shoulder condition.  Overuse of the shoulder especially in a prolonged repetitive activity such as reaching or overhead work can lead to this injury.

Some of the more common traditional treatments for this type of injury include anti-inflammatory medications, rest, ice, ultrasound, muscle stimulation, steroid injections, stretching, exercise and sometimes surgery.  Unfortunately, these treatments are not effective and can require a long treatment period before any results can be attained.

Active Release Tecnhiques takes a unique approach to the evaluation and treatment for impingment, rotator cuff injuries.  ART evaluates the soft tissue structures for restrictions (scar tissue-adhesions) that have developed through injuries and how they affect other soft tissue structures in the shoulder's kinetic chain (connections).  ART methods break down these restrictive adhesions which reduces pain and brings the muscle back to it's normal length, tension and strength.

Each structure in the shoulder's rotator cuff needs to be properly evaluated and treated with Active Release Techniques in order for full, pain free function to return.

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